Eat it.


Like any lady, I like nice things, and because some of the nicest things I’ve ever encountered were edible (friends included), this is a blog primarily about food. I make a lot of food, I think a lot about food, and I really really like to talk about food. So that happens here.
I don’t really cook with measurements, and nor, though I think you all (all 4 of you, I’m sure) are lovely, will I contrive any for the sake of talking about what I make. Because I think you’re all probably pretty smart and can guess what goes into something like “chicken sausage with shallots and spinach over polenta” (teaser? maybe). There will be rough amounts, is what I’m trying to say. What I will also share are things that I’ve learn(ed) from experience, my mom, my grandmothers, or the Voice of Reason. Posts will center around a current obsession or newfound edible treasures, good places to find them, and ways to use them. Maybe a restaurant review (you know, for my burgeoning food-critic career). Sharing via comment is encouraged.
Salut, pals.

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