“I want to move in with this salad.”

10:21 AM Kristy: ooh gra. i am up at the kaldi’s coffee shop!
me: oh haaaaay!
that’s nice gra!
10:22 AM Kristy: yes gra
i look forward to the hour when it is an appropriate time for lunch
because they have a salad that looks like a JAM
10:23 AM me: wow
what is it?
10:26 AM Kristy: gra.
it is grilled zucchini
sundried tomato
grilled indian corn and yellow corn
and some type of seeds
over romaine
10:27 AM with sundried tomato bluecheese vinaigrette
optional addition of chicken for $1
me: WHOA.

11:29 AM
Kristy: (side note: i want to move in with this salad)

this. zucchini.
is. buttery.

Ah! Seasonal treasures! Tomatoes (which constitute one of my life’s greatest quests! [Overcoming the Gagoots!])! Zucchini! Corn! I am thinking that these things alone could make a pretty real dish. I love a lettuce-less salad. I would also like to bathe in that vinaigrette.

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