The Sweet Table

I have consumed more sweets/pastries/desserts in the last four days than in the last four months combined.

I had them for breakfast. Otis Spunkmeyer double chocolate-chip muffins in my parents’ kitchen. Yes, the dirty kind you can get in a single-pack from a vending machine. Or a 12-pack from Costco. Dirt. Eee.

I had them at lunch. Caputo’s lemon cookies, chocolate spice drops, chocolate-edged boomerang-looking nut cookies (that got dipped into the next morning’s coffee), and Grandma Eleanor’s biscotti.

I had them after dinner. Because you are not a bethrothed Italian unless you have committed no less than 15% of your overall wedding budget to The Sweet Table. Mini-tiramisu, chocolate dipped fruit, berry tarts, pine nut cookies, lemon cookies… and the eternal classic, the requisite Enormous Cannoli Shell Giving Birth to Thousands of Mini-Cannolis.

It was all just rather scandalous.

Gimme another day to recover and I’ll be back in the kitchen, good as new.


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  2. never have i ever seen a cannoli mothership. and i feel as though, having divorced myself from my italian side of the family, perhaps i never will… boo.

  3. lady, don’t be silly. you will experience the joys of the cannoli mothership at my nuptials. i will insist upon it regardless of who agrees to hitch themselves to me.

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