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(Peasant) Breakfast for Dinner

Ooof. For the last two nights, I have had no choice but to fall asleep on my side (or, as my sister and I coined: “aggressive side,” a hybrid side-stomach position where one attempts to fold oneself into the couch/bed/floor by lying/leaning/teetering on one side of the tummy. ┬áIt’s actually much more soothing than my […]


Happy Opening Day of the Hurliday Season, folks. It was a rather traditional (read: dirty) Thanksgiving at the homestead, the table groaning under the Biggest Turkey I’d Ever Seen, about five casserole dishes, 2 bread baskets, and butter in quantities perhaps last seen at the Thanksgiving table of one Paula Deen. I can’t. Eat. Anything. […]

Dear Rice Pudding: Wow.

I just made. The best. Rice pudding. Ever. Backstory: I spent about 23% of my total childhood sneaking slices of my grandmother’s chocolate cookie dough. The woman knows desserts. Simple desserts, though. Eleanor loves a Fannie May turtle. A bowl of vanilla ice cream. A nice nut cup. Pizzelles. So I wasn’t entirely shocked to […]

I miss you, summer.

All I could think of today was a spinach salad with pine nuts, feta, and olive oil. A little salt. Maybe pepper. It’s a variation on a classic, acid-less salad (vinegar or otherwise) introduced to me about a quarter of a century ago by my grandfather. Because when the olive oil is good enough, you […]

Carbonara a la Gra, or: Upscale (Yet Somehow Reeeally Dirty) Shells & Cheese

Sometimes I have a grand plan to blog about a particular food item/concoction prior to its actual creation in the Nest Kitchen. And sometimes I make (or revisit) something so incredible, something that makes me so happy, something that, in its various incarnations, has pleased so many friends, that I realize, as I cross my […]

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