Archives for December 2008

Ri-cotta Ri-do

It had been talked about from time to time: reapproaching ricotta. The last time we made it we were, admittedly, a little nervous about the new venture and so crafted our inaugural batch of ricotta with a healthy dose of caution. We probably cooked it for a few minutes more than it needed; squeezed it […]

Oh hey, guess what!

New camera. Coming my way. December 25. You know what this means: Pretty food/cooking/kitchen/restaurant/city pictures. But, you know… act surprised. (Immortal yuletide words from my mother.)

Shit from My Fridge: Ol’ Dirty Casserole Edition

Editrix’ note: While I was busy eating Peasant Breakfast for a solid two out of my three daily meals (even foodies get lazy, it seems), Ms. Klein was busy being responsible and creative and putting together the following SFMF. Due partly to pesky formatting issues that made this look like less than the piece of […]

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