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Magic. And beans.

Wow. I had heard it was true but I never bothered to test it until the other day. I’m talking about beans, friends. Dried beans. NOPE. Stop right there. Do not walk away. I am for so much serious and you will thank me when we are through here. So. I had just about had […]

It’s a comfort…

… doing mundane things when recent days have been… otherworldly. I don’t know how much time my grandfather spent in the kitchen. I don’t know what sorts of distractions he sought in sad times. In fact I might venture to guess that he didn’t seek distractions, choosing instead to confront the problem head-on.   Though, […]

I love a list.

No seriously. I do. Lists, scripts, directions (though not really recipes, strangely)… for as bossy as I might be sometimes, I reeeally kind of like being told what to do. Especially if it’s by someone who knows what they’re doing. So leave it to our homeboy to put together something handy and super-real:The Minimalist’s Latest […]

Haute Med Lo

More so than any other past holiday season, I think Hurlidaze 08 will forever be characterized by The Totally Rando Things I Made/Ate/Drank. I mean, everyone does this to a certain extent around the holidays, right? We give fancy dinners as gifts (or, I do). We go out for pizza the day after Christmas because […]

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