(My high school’s colors were blue and red.  And our cheerleaders came up with some… pretty special cheers.  One of their/my favorites was: “BLUE! AND! RED! BLUE AND RED!” followed by a couple of tight-elbowed claps.  So I woke up yesterday and among my top five coherent morning thoughts was a similar cheer, just… for Soup and Bread.)

So I FINALLY went last night.  And, just as you might have suspected, it was utterly lovely.  

I mean, the Hideout is already a great place.  Homey, friendly, always good music, always nice people in the crowd.  So add to that like five or six gleaming crock pots of homemade soup, all the bread you could want, and a donations bucket for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and you just feel warm and wonderful and glad all over.
And full.  Holy hell.  I don’t know who made what, but whoever put together the Chick Pea, Kale, and Merguez soup was… well, someone I want to get to know very well.  Mercy.

And a Very Special Mark Your Calendars Note!!:  I’ll be among the soup-makers at the Hideout on Wednesday, March 18.  I’ve got a few ideas, but any suggestions are welcome.  So excited!  (I’ll probably post a reminder as well, closer to the date.)


  1. sort of like.. chicken in a baaaasket 🙂

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