Salad for breakfast, and other newfangled ideas

Whoa. It hath been a long time, guys. In the last four days, the tree outside my window has gone from bare to puffy with little leaf buds. In the last four weeks, my new job has gone from making me feel excited but kind of useless to excited and halfway capable.

“Things are happening now.”

Fabulous, no? But let’s be real here: In the last four months, I’ve posted… pretty much jack-shit. So I stink. And I’m sorry.

Because my schedule for many months was both erratic and irregular, it was not only near impossible for me to plan a day or two of writing, but also impossible for me to come up with very many cool things to cook after closing down the cheese cave and rolling into my kitchen at 10:30pm, sometimes with a 5:30 wakeup the next morning to go play Big Sister Grammar Coach at a small university in the suburbs. For a while it was a lot of breakfast-for-dinner (shock of shocks) and a lot of cooking with… well, the new boyfriend.

Who, I suppose, is maybe not quite so new anymore. It’s been 6 months, and though he did play a starring role in some recent posts, I also didn’t feel totally comfortable about chronicling our cooking together on this here blog. The relationship was too new for me to feel okay about saying, “Hey, is it alright if I compose, then post for the whole world to see, an amusing but probably a little bit personal vignette about tonight’s Bachelor Tacos?” I’m sure he would have been lovely about it, but cooking with someone you want to learn a lot about, to me, deserves undivided attention.

So here we are now. My schedule: Infinitely more humane and supportive of a cooking (not to mention social) life. My job: Still working for a company and an enterprise that I believe in, and getting closer to helping people think in ways that foster a happy, thoughtful existence. I also get paid to read articles on food, farming, healthy eating, and why people choose the foods they do. Rock & roll.

In this meantime of the last few months, and the last few weeks in particular, I’ve started to think about meals differently. What makes dinner dinner? What foods, in our minds, constitute breakfast’s breakfastiness? (Why am I secretly really excited that Heidegger just got dragged out?) Can someone have soup? – or salad? – for breakfast, if its nutrition & flavor profiles happen to be what that person’s body craves at the beginning of a day? When did dessert become a legitimate food group to put in our bodies first thing in the morning? Or, really, when did it become okay for us to not think beyond conventional food standards, and more importantly, how can we start to think beyond them now?

So this is the kind of stuff I’m thinking about now. I mean, I’m also thinking about massive spring salads. And hand-rolled whole-wheat pasta. And homemade mustard. These things won’t end. But I’m thinking the blog will also, hopefully, be a place where I (we) can discuss some of the bigger ideas that drive us to eat and cook and make the things we do.



  1. i realize you didn't specifically ask… they seemed more rhetorical…. but i've never felt normal as far as the whole “this is what should be eaten in the morning vs evening thing”… in fact now that i am an adult or whatever… it's not uncommon for me to eat oatmeal as an afternoon snack, or leftover potpie for breakfast… just sayin'

  2. Is the blog ending? Noooo!! We want an encore!

  3. Liz: i'm the same way! i think a lot of people do eat what they like, regardless of a food's belonging to one or another traditional meal group. i think the purpose of that portion of the post was more a nod toward trying to continue thinking differently about traditional food 'roles' and paying more attention to what makes us feel good (as in 'energized and satisfied,' not 'indulged and comatose'… except on the weekends, of course πŸ˜‰

    Nina: girl, HELL no, this blog is not ending. no no no. it's expanding! i should have clarified this a bit more: some posts will be in the classic Gra style (“today i got a sunburn and then i found a cool farmer's market with weird radicchio”), but some will be more about just discussing eating-related issues, ideas, awesomenesses and strangenesses. na'mean?

  4. I liked the idea of this savory breakfast that Bittman did a while back:

  5. this is lovely! and great to see you back in action!

    have you been following the kitchn blog lately? they have been dedicating each week to a meal– last week was breakfast and this week is lunch.

  6. I have to let you know that I am a huge fan of eating pappa al pomodoro for breakfast. It totally hits the spot.

  7. oh hey – keep blogging! πŸ™‚ and i know it's silly and not really full of anything useful… but i wanted you to know i like your blog, so i nominated you for the “sweet blog” award over on my blog… just wanted to let you know…

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