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Chocolate cinnamon cake

It’s not that my mother only made Bundt cakes when we were growing up.  There were also layer cakes, and a handful of my grandmother’s German chocolate cakes, but… there are a lot of Bundt cakes that live in my memory.  So, it was (surprisingly) without irony or hesitation that I registered for a Bundt […]

The best fish tacos

It is so not spring yet. Not even close. But winter’s over.  Okay it’s like, 70% over.  In terms of both probability and the calendar of Midwest Seasons.  It could blizzard again, but it probably won’t.  It should keep getting slowly warmer, with a cold day or an icy wind here and there. So it’s pretty much over.  […]

Onion jam, or: That time we bought all the onions

Okay, that title sounds kind of dire.  I’m sorry.  This post is actually the opposite of dire.  It’s a post full of SOLUTIONS!  And the cleaning out of one’s pantry.  As I type, there is a pan of carrots roasting away in the oven.  Until about an hour ago they comprised what was left of […]

Of cabbage (salads) + kings

I’ll be honest.  I was already pretty psyched to talk about this salad with you, but then I watched this, and now have enough whimsy and light to carry me through to about April. I have forgotten how much I loved Alice in Wonderland.  The palette, the joyful absurdity in the language, bibbed and bonneted […]

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