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That one kale salad

“Yes, but which one?” He had a point. The one with avocado and lemon and pepitas?  The one with pecorino and red pepper flakes and breadcrumbs?  The one with dates and almond butter and lime?  The one with… Today, Sunday, we were charged with bringing a salad, after making plans to see friends we hadn’t […]

Unfussy gratin (Or: In praise of Madison)

I’ve always liked the thought of gratins. I mean: starchy goodness baked and held together by creamy, cheesy goodness?  In a form that you can make look pretty for comp’ny, and lends itself to leftovers?  Yes, yes, and yes. The problem with gratins is that there is no way in hell I would make them […]

Pantry raid: porcini + whole wheat linguine carbonara

It’s been a long time since I’ve made carbonara. I’m not sure if the last time I made it was, indeed, the last time I wrote about it, but I’m not ashamed to admit it’s possible. But first, I have to tell you:  I think time just became unglued for a second. My husband is […]

Green eggs + ham + biscuit variations

“I’ll take those pretty green ones, please.” “The dozen?” “Yep.” “That’ll be $2.50.” That was my interaction at the Okemos Farmers’ Market this last Saturday, when Danny and I went up to Michigan to see his family.  The eggs we buy at the grocery store are pretty fabulous, and they are $4 per dozen.  The farmer’s […]

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