5 Things We Plan to Make Soon

So. Fall’s here. Not sure if that’s happening where you are, but here, all we’re thinking about is hot cider, warm slippers, and ALL THE LAYERS.


At the beginning of any season, I have a tendency to stockpile recipes for the coming months, so I thought it might be an appropriate time to start a new little series entitled (you guessed it):  5 Things We Plan to Make Soon. Does it roll off the tongue? No. Does it tell you exactly what’s going on? Yes! Maybe we’ll come up with a cool acronym:  5TWP2MS. 5Thangs. Gimme 5? Whatever.

So without further ado:  5 recipes that are currently camping out in my Safari tabs, and will remain there until I make them.

Everyone’s best friend Mark Bittman’s Shortcut Choucroute, via the New York Times. Despite the fact that choucroute involves so many of the things I love – it’s a little bit German; it’s a little bit French; it involves braising a large, cheap hunk of meat; it’s a one-pan meal; it’s easily made for a decent sized group; one can be lazy and rough with one’s knife work; it’s hearty as sh*t – I have always shied away from it a bit because I could never get into sauerkraut. However, I’ve spent the last year getting kind of cozy with fermented/pickled/sour things, so I think it’s time I embrace the sauer. Also, I suspect the funk will soften quite a bit through the braising process, leaving the dish with a tang that will undoubtedly counter the richness quite nicely.

Everyone’s holy grail personified Thomas Keller’s home kitchen-friendly adaptation for Cassoulet, via Williams Sonoma. The first time I had cassoulet, it was at a store where I used to work, and had been lovingly made during the winter for the cheese team by their incredible buyer (who was also a trained chef and culinary instructor, #nbd). It had been heated up in the slow cooker, though made in her home using what I can only imagine was the oldest-school of methods. While I intend to someday attempt the traditional method, this one looks immensely promising. Also, it is sweet of Keller to come down from his chef Valhalla and think of the common person. Thanks, monsieur!

Everyone’s coolest older sibling in the form of a food website Tasting Table’s recipe for BourrideMore favorite things:  yes, it’s French (quelle surprise); lovely chunks of soft fish; pretty potatoes, left WHOLE, no less; an excuse to make fish broth (reminds me of my dad); and an ENTIRE SOUP thickened with AIOLI. You heard me. I almost can’t stand looking at the photos because I want to leave this post undone immediately to make that soup. But I care about you. So I’ll wait. (And tell you later how it went.)

Everyone’s favorite dad-chef (not the least reason for which is that he will take you to the French Alps and make you this) Jonathan Waxman’s Tartiflette, via Panna Cooking. You know that moment when you realize you totally have a Type? I am having that moment right now. Anything from the mountains of middle Europe can take me home anytime. That choucroute up there, a full raclette grill, and sweet baby jeepers THIS THING. Watch the video. You’ll see how I feel. (I am undecided as to whether this is a thing to make for a group, as it is quite impressive, or whether in the name of damage control I should keep it to just Danny and me.)

Everyone’s kitchen spirit guide Merrill Stubbs’ variation on a classic, Autumn Root Vegetable Gratin, via Food52. We are edging dangerously close to my holiday menus here, folks. (That’s another 5 Things post for another time.) But the nice thing about this, as Stubbs points out, is that the root vegetable version is really just a play on traditional potato gratin, which nobody dislikes and everyone will love you for. (And what’s this season about if not warm fuzzy feelings, heartstrings, and hugs?) This means you can learn one method but use it for a number of variations. Which means that I will be making this in the fall to vet it for one of two (TWO!!) Christmas dinners we’re hosting this year in the new house.

What’s on your autumn to-make list? Or any old favorites you’re dusting off this year? Tell us in the comments!



  1. I’m down for soup. I have about twelve different kinds ready to make, perhaps to have and share with friends over a cold evening. Anywhere from corn to sweet potato to celery root, etc. I did a good round of giardiniera last week.
    Made the first batch of Kombucha, some tarragon Mustard that is glorious, kimchi, maybe gonna do some sauerkraut soon. Never know.

    • How was the kombucha, man? We did mustard a few years back; do you have a standby recipe you like?

      • It was delicious. I still like it less fermented than the stuff that’s commercially available. Same with the kimchi.

        As far as mustard, I don’t have a standby. My recipe is just soaking mustard seeds overnight, draining, adding water, vinegar, wine, etc. Whatever. Added some fresh tarragon, turmeric, salt…mix, set it overnight, blend. Boom.

      • I have a spicy white wine mustard that is simple but complex enough to be impressive…made ala T’s mention above. Have made it as a part of holiday gifts and such in the past. Thanks for posting this – I will try some of these suggestions!

  2. I plan on stealing some of your chili thunder. I’m not done grilling for the season. So our still pretty new weber will be charring up some various meats for some Sunday football chili action real soon.

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