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Bookmarked this Week: Women in Food

On Sunday, we had a houseful of guests one moment, and empty rooms the next. Within 5 minutes, our exhausted baby embraced a beautiful afternoon nap, Danny and I packed leftovers into the fridge, and I threw on a pair of jeans and various blindly-grabbed-for layers, and ran out to see a pretty amazing panel put on […]

Buttermilk Pancakes

I’ve finally achieved one of my Lesser Kitchen Goals:  to be the sort of person who always has buttermilk around. Other goals of this order include making a habit out of measuring out cooked grains before freezing them, and cleaning the shelves of my refrigerator more than once per year. You’ll be pleased or disappointed to hear […]

Bookmarked This Week: Kitchen Stuff

I’m not sure what your family is like, but my family is full of people who really like lists. And planning. So each year, not long after the first chill hits the air (even if the temps bump back up into the 70s for a couple of weeks… ahem, 2015, I’m looking at you), somebody […]

Mark Your Calendars: Mac & Cheese Takedown

You know I can’t dance around a casserole for too long before succumbing to autumn chills and several pounds of cheese. Standing around at last year’s Chi-Town Mac & Cheese Cook Off, scraping the last bits of cheesy goodness out of a Dixie cup and waiting for the final results, a buddy of mine who […]

Bookmarked this Week: Condiments!

Check it out!  A new roundup of stuff we’re into.  Because I’m on the old side of the so-called Millennial generation, I’m not so cool as the kids today and up until very recently, had completely missed Facebook’s feature where you can save links to read for later. I KNOW:  there are entire apps that make this […]

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