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Check it out!  A new roundup of stuff we’re into.  Because I’m on the old side of the so-called Millennial generation, I’m not so cool as the kids today and up until very recently, had completely missed Facebook’s feature where you can save links to read for later.

I KNOW:  there are entire apps that make this possible for amazing information that’s posted beyond FB.  But I am equal parts eager (if not early) adopter and old, stubborn mean lady, so sometimes I stick my fingers in my ears and sing “My Bonny” instead of really comprehending the cool stuff happening around me.

Let’s just all appreciate that now, I am the proud owner of a robust list of links to keep me happy during 4am baby monitor listening parties and other such idle times where my imagination to good intentions to actual availability ratio clocks in at around 76:63:1.

So now, I give you this week’s fixation:  condiments!  Stuff to put on stuff!  Mostly links to recipes, with a little link to a favorite product at the end for your snacking pleasure.

  • Tasting Table’s chipotle roasted garlic compound butter
  • David Lebovitz’s olive tapenade
  • Bon Appetit’s everything bagel spice (bonus: cheddar cheeze ball recipe included!)
  • 101 Cookbooks’ labneh (confession: I recently found this middle eastern yogurt spread for less than the cost of regular yogurt at a local grocery store, but I have made it at home before too.  It’s easy to do, and impressive if you want to do something different for a gathering.  Especially delicious topped with everything bagel spice.  Tapenade too, actually!)
  • Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi’s hummus, via Food52.  This looks like a pretty promising way to ditch the peeling of chickpeas.

And speaking of everyone’s favorite Israeli-British food juggernaut, here’s a link to buy (or make!) my favorite toast sprinkle du jour:  Dukkah from Ottolenghi.

What’s your favorite DIY condiment?  A spread, a sprinkle, a sauce, a shmear…?  Feel free to share in the comments!


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