Mark Your Calendars: Mac & Cheese Takedown


You know I can’t dance around a casserole for too long before succumbing to autumn chills and several pounds of cheese.

Standing around at last year’s Chi-Town Mac & Cheese Cook Off, scraping the last bits of cheesy goodness out of a Dixie cup and waiting for the final results, a buddy of mine who all but does these things for a living suggested that I try doing the annual Mac & Cheeze Takedown the next time it’s in town.

Three seasons and one baby later, we’re about a month out from the next Takedown, and tickets are available!

The details:

Sunday, November 8 | 1-3pm at Lincoln Hall

$20 for what I can only imagine to be an exhilarating, terrifying amount of dairy.

Speaking of terrifying, those prize sponsors are no joke, which implies to me that neither is the competition.  Which means a high level of performance/deliciousness for you to enjoy!


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