Bookmarked this Week: Condiments!

Check it out!  A new roundup of stuff we’re into.  Because I’m on the old side of the so-called Millennial generation, I’m not so cool as the kids today and up until very recently, had completely missed Facebook’s feature where you can save links to read for later. I KNOW:  there are entire apps that make this […]

Saag Paneer (er… Halloumi)

It’s been two weeks since our suntanned landfall from Ocean Adventure 2013, and yet I feel like it has taken me this entire time to really get my act together.  I achieved some important goals this weekend:  unpacked the last of my suitcase (now, honestly), made a triumphant and sweaty return to yoga, and hauled out […]

The best fish tacos

It is so not spring yet. Not even close. But winter’s over.  Okay it’s like, 70% over.  In terms of both probability and the calendar of Midwest Seasons.  It could blizzard again, but it probably won’t.  It should keep getting slowly warmer, with a cold day or an icy wind here and there. So it’s pretty much over.  […]

Snackery: spiced roasted nuts

Holiday 2012 was a season that, though merry and chaotic and full of togetherness and profoundly fattening, did not find me in the kitchen for consecutive hours.   It was the first time I had gone out with my family to Niagara County for Thanksgiving in many years, revitalizing a very old tradition in order […]

Devilishly spicy tomato soup

You guys, it’s happened. I have officially become more accustomed to spicy foods than my husband. The man who introduced me to sriracha, Cholula (chipotle, lime, AND original), Tapatio, Co-Op, all manner of Buffalo wings and wasabi-flavored delights, and who taught me that a little shake of red pepper flakes was often the unknown and […]

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