Shit from his fridge: chorizo black bean tostadas

My apartment was spotless. I don’t really get motivated to clean out my whole life in the Spring, but somehow, when the air gets crisp and I start buying apples and making soup, I go into, like, Defcon Autumn Cleanse Mode. So I had done the ceremonial cold-weather wardrobe switch in the dressing room, scrubbed […]

It’s a start.

Last week, on my way home from work, I wanted a beautiful spring-green soup, light, fresh-tasting, maybe still warm, a little creamy.  Probably with peas. I wanted it to exist.  I wanted it available to me.   And I figured it probably was available, somewhere in this city, on the menu at some little place […]

Soup lady.

A few months ago I sent an email into the ether to inquire about making soup for the weekly crockpot roundup that is Soup & Bread. Though it was mid-January and I still felt relatively comfortable in my wintertide hermitude, I sensed a sort of preemptive antsiness from the burst of energy that would undoubtedly […]


You guys? I can’t stop making things with beans in them. And this last time, I didn’t think my creation would even be that good. I slapped it together using techniques that weren’t particularly graceful, and ingredients that didn’t necessarily, at least in my imagination, immediately call one another to mind. All I knew was […]

Magic. And beans.

Wow. I had heard it was true but I never bothered to test it until the other day. I’m talking about beans, friends. Dried beans. NOPE. Stop right there. Do not walk away. I am for so much serious and you will thank me when we are through here. So. I had just about had […]

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