Greek Quinoa Salad

Oh hey, hi! So you may have surmised a few things if you follow me on other social media:  1) the baby is here; 2) we’re all doing fine; 3) he’s the best. Another thing you may know is that I went back to work about a month ago. After a beautiful summer together with […]

Spicy shredded chicken

First, of course, apologies for the unintended hiatus.  The good news is that I’ve spent the last several weeks wrapping up some heavy work travel (not to be repeated for quite a while), as well as enjoying the Midwest’s many leisure-time delights. There is something about the Midwest that I could never put a finger […]

Chicken & dumpling soup

Happy new year, friends! In the spirit of the annual burbling of self improvement sentiments (or what other folks tend to refer to as new year’s resolutions), I’m focusing my devotion once again on cooking and writing and blogging and y’all. This is a post I composed mostly in November, but upon which I have […]


I entertained folks in my kitchen for two nights in a row last week. One was a planned event (a friend’s birthday), and one was impromptu, encouraged, I do not doubt, by the lovely and dare-I-say-officially-spring (?) weather. Because Wednesday’s dinner consisted of a relatively simple but no less eggy/silky carbonara and then a half-batch […]

It’s a comfort…

… doing mundane things when recent days have been… otherworldly. I don’t know how much time my grandfather spent in the kitchen. I don’t know what sorts of distractions he sought in sad times. In fact I might venture to guess that he didn’t seek distractions, choosing instead to confront the problem head-on.   Though, […]

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