That one kale salad

“Yes, but which one?” He had a point. The one with avocado and lemon and pepitas?  The one with pecorino and red pepper flakes and breadcrumbs?  The one with dates and almond butter and lime?  The one with… Today, Sunday, we were charged with bringing a salad, after making plans to see friends we hadn’t […]

Le Mac Meilleur

I spent the majority of this long holiday weekend in the fold of my family.  My cousin was visiting from California with her adorable and hilarious three-year-old, and my mementos of the weekend consist mainly of scary-good iPhone self-portraits of said toddler, two (painfully sticky) Hello Kitty stickers, and an amazing haircut (from my cousin, […]

Reboiled, revisited, all the time.

So it’s wintertime again, and that can only mean one thing. (Well… it actually means a lot of things, like wool socks and extra comforters and, lately, matinees. But I know you know what I’m thinking…) It means soup. And I feel like it’s safe to say that the Official Soup of Winter 2010-2011 is […]

Fear less, or: Easier, better, slower, lazier.

As I write, the sweet potatoes I sent back into the oven seem to have decided to cooperate. That is, my kitchen smells like sweet potatoes. (A rule we all kinda know: When you can smell what it is you’re cooking, it’s probably done.) See, I’m attempting to make sweet potato gnocchi. Those who know […]


A couple of months ago, over some Sazeracs in Andersonville, the summer still young, our imaginations ripe with visions of trotting all over this mighty city in search of challenge and adventure, my friends Cara and Adrian and I discussed the prospect of lobsters. Killing and eating them, specifically. So fast-forward to a recent Thursday […]

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