Cold Brew Coffee

So I’ve got this enormous f*ing Mason jar. Like, two gallons enormous. In winter, I use it for too-big batches of soup. (Or, rather, abundant, exultant, seasonally-appropriate batches of soup I’m then too lazy to divvy out into individual quart bags to freeze and then dip into during the Midwest’s annual arctic chasm of despair, even though that’s what They […]

5 Things: Man Cave Edition

After threatening me with grilled meats and other game day delicacies in the comments of our inaugural 5 Things We Plan to Make Soon post, I double-dog-dared my husband to come up with his own 5 Things list.  As you can see, he does not back down from a challenge.  As long as it involves chili. […]

High season: iced coffee

Summer mornings are very different from winter mornings. In Chicago, at least. From about November to February, between 6 and 8am, you will find me pondering the moral imperatives of getting out of bed, mentally writing a musical called I Really Should Just Stay Here.  (Featuring the perennial classic, But It’s So Warm Here!  And the big […]

Workday breakfast

I’m getting up early again, you guys. Like, for a job. I KNOW. My lifestyle. It is so unique. Okay, but seriously. For those in the relative know, I had spent half of July and the better part of August luxuriating in the bosom of the newest and best colloquialism ever: Staycation. Staycay 09 was […]

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