5 Things We Plan to Make Soon

So. Fall’s here. Not sure if that’s happening where you are, but here, all we’re thinking about is hot cider, warm slippers, and ALL THE LAYERS. At the beginning of any season, I have a tendency to stockpile recipes for the coming months, so I thought it might be an appropriate time to start a […]

Oh hey, guess what!

New camera. Coming my way. December 25. You know what this means: Pretty food/cooking/kitchen/restaurant/city pictures. But, you know… act surprised. (Immortal yuletide words from my mother.)

I miss you, summer.

All I could think of today was a spinach salad with pine nuts, feta, and olive oil. A little salt. Maybe pepper. It’s a variation on a classic, acid-less salad (vinegar or otherwise) introduced to me about a quarter of a century ago by my grandfather. Because when the olive oil is good enough, you […]


Gnashing of teeth. Flailing of arms. Collective glaring and pouting. My friends (no, my real friends, not my swing-state voter “friends”), I apologize deeply for my delinquency in the last week or so. The Scarpelli wedding rendered me useless for a good 48 hours, and then, just when it felt like the right time to […]

Damn, gurl. Don’t hurt ’em.

(d-d-d-d-d-don’t hurt ’em.) IF you find yourself at the Green City Market, andIF you happen to locate the good folks from Westby, WI’s Nordic Creamery, andIF you feel yourself drawn to their goat’s milk cheddar, andIF you bring that cheese home and happen to have a little of this lying around… You would be well-advised […]

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