Fear less, or: Easier, better, slower, lazier.

As I write, the sweet potatoes I sent back into the oven seem to have decided to cooperate. That is, my kitchen smells like sweet potatoes. (A rule we all kinda know: When you can smell what it is you’re cooking, it’s probably done.) See, I’m attempting to make sweet potato gnocchi. Those who know […]

Soup of the day*

*And by “day” I mean several days. Two different batches in one week. Obsessed. So I’m kind of predictable in some ways, especially when I have a new treasure. I will get way way WAY under it to the point of exhaustion (for me and for Treasure) and then get way over it, moving on […]

Stock Smackdown

It’s fall, and that means one thing. Okay, actually, that’s dumb. Everyone says it and no one means it. Fall means a lot of things to a lot of people. At the Nest, my scarf menagerie comes out, I attempt to roast every food item I can get my hands on, I go out of […]

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