Baked eggs

BEFORE WE START:  I wrote the bulk of this post back in late March, right after we moved into the new house.  Though I am happy to report our weather has vastly improved, the recipe, you will find, is no less relevant. I recently made a playlist called Blinding Sun.  It’s inspired by, well, the […]

That one kale salad

“Yes, but which one?” He had a point. The one with avocado and lemon and pepitas?  The one with pecorino and red pepper flakes and breadcrumbs?  The one with dates and almond butter and lime?  The one with… Today, Sunday, we were charged with bringing a salad, after making plans to see friends we hadn’t […]

Dandelion greens

In preparation for the new site (soon!), I am going back into all my old posts and re-doing my tags.  I’ve got the most recent half of them done, and I’ve felt pretty good about the variety of categories. However:  I am shocked that it took me this long to add a “put an egg […]

Spring vegetables + buttermilk dressing

I’m kind of having what I’m calling a Tinkerbell moment.  I figure, if I clap enough and believe hard enough, Spring will eventually arrive in all its astonishing and gentle glory. You see, Spring this year has not been really showing up for work.  We all know it’s technically the season known as Spring, and […]

Saag Paneer (er… Halloumi)

It’s been two weeks since our suntanned landfall from Ocean Adventure 2013, and yet I feel like it has taken me this entire time to really get my act together.  I achieved some important goals this weekend:  unpacked the last of my suitcase (now, honestly), made a triumphant and sweaty return to yoga, and hauled out […]

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