Baked eggs

BEFORE WE START:  I wrote the bulk of this post back in late March, right after we moved into the new house.  Though I am happy to report our weather has vastly improved, the recipe, you will find, is no less relevant. I recently made a playlist called Blinding Sun.  It’s inspired by, well, the […]

Spicy shredded chicken

First, of course, apologies for the unintended hiatus.  The good news is that I’ve spent the last several weeks wrapping up some heavy work travel (not to be repeated for quite a while), as well as enjoying the Midwest’s many leisure-time delights. There is something about the Midwest that I could never put a finger […]

Green eggs + ham + biscuit variations

“I’ll take those pretty green ones, please.” “The dozen?” “Yep.” “That’ll be $2.50.” That was my interaction at the Okemos Farmers’ Market this last Saturday, when Danny and I went up to Michigan to see his family.  The eggs we buy at the grocery store are pretty fabulous, and they are $4 per dozen.  The farmer’s […]

Salute my (jean) shorts.

Last weekend, I found myself having a Really Great Conversation. You know, the kind where a small group of people who have just met need to come to a common understanding and then realize, rather quickly, that you’re all already on the same page (and, ergo, that you’ll all be good friends for a good […]

To be more amazing would be impossible.

A few weekends ago, I was in Milwaukee, WI, visiting a close friend, and we went to her sister’s housewarming party one evening.  On the kitchen table sat an array of fabulous(ly old school) party snacks, including cupcakes, mini hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury crescent roll dough, and what looked sort of like cheese-injected beef […]

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