Vegetable lasagna

When good friends of ours welcomed their little baby girl into the world this last week, the second thing I thought of was vegetable lasagna. No wait, it was the third thing. The first thing I thought of sounded something like the rabid, gleeful squeal of a ten-year-old at American Girl Place, and was followed […]

Of cabbage (salads) + kings

I’ll be honest.  I was already pretty psyched to talk about this salad with you, but then I watched this, and now have enough whimsy and light to carry me through to about April. I have forgotten how much I loved Alice in Wonderland.  The palette, the joyful absurdity in the language, bibbed and bonneted […]

Replica: cacio e pepe

I can make a lot of things.  However: there are some I believe are Better Left to the Professionals. Breads that defy the laws of physics and pleasure thresholds (I can make a serviceable Pullman loaf, a relatively crusty rye boule, and some dense whole wheat sandwich bread, but for now I trust my bread-gasms […]

Seafood showdown: lobster rolls

A couple of months ago, over some Sazeracs in Andersonville, the summer still young, our imaginations ripe with visions of trotting all over this mighty city in search of challenge and adventure, my friends Cara and Adrian and I discussed the prospect of lobsters. Killing and eating them, specifically. So fast-forward to a recent Thursday […]

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