Mac & cheese: a treatise

Growing up, the only mac & cheese we really ever ate was from the blue box.  There was lots of pasta, of course, and that was important stuff.  I learned about different sauces, meat components, herbs, cheeses, you get it.  I know my way around a marinara, bolognese, carbonara, vodka sauce; pancetta, meatballs, necks & […]

5 Things We Plan to Make Soon

So. Fall’s here. Not sure if that’s happening where you are, but here, all we’re thinking about is hot cider, warm slippers, and ALL THE LAYERS. At the beginning of any season, I have a tendency to stockpile recipes for the coming months, so I thought it might be an appropriate time to start a […]

Salute my (jean) shorts.

Last weekend, I found myself having a Really Great Conversation. You know, the kind where a small group of people who have just met need to come to a common understanding and then realize, rather quickly, that you’re all already on the same page (and, ergo, that you’ll all be good friends for a good […]


A couple of months ago, over some Sazeracs in Andersonville, the summer still young, our imaginations ripe with visions of trotting all over this mighty city in search of challenge and adventure, my friends Cara and Adrian and I discussed the prospect of lobsters. Killing and eating them, specifically. So fast-forward to a recent Thursday […]

Soup lady.

A few months ago I sent an email into the ether to inquire about making soup for the weekly crockpot roundup that is Soup & Bread. Though it was mid-January and I still felt relatively comfortable in my wintertide hermitude, I sensed a sort of preemptive antsiness from the burst of energy that would undoubtedly […]

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