Strawberry Cream Cake

Before growing up and getting married and getting a house and a dog and making a baby, I used to be a sort of healthy eating specialist. It was the uncharted part of a job that I loved to do, which was just teaching people about cooking and how to make stuff taste good. I […]

Snackery: spiced roasted nuts

Holiday 2012 was a season that, though merry and chaotic and full of togetherness and profoundly fattening, did not find me in the kitchen for consecutive hours.   It was the first time I had gone out with my family to Niagara County for Thanksgiving in many years, revitalizing a very old tradition in order […]

The Society: Kristy’s fall ravioli

Welcome back, gra! And welcome back, fall. The time for gourds and tubers and hardy greens is upon us once more. It may not be news to some of you that our dearest Ms. Klein has recently undergone a bit of a shift. Whether you’re employed or between gigs, it can sometimes be rough going […]

Tomato peach salad with goat cheese

Summer evenings in Chicago are sort of magical. I mean, summer evenings in general are magical, but summers in Chicago send people spilling onto sidewalk patios, beer in hand, squinting from laughing and the blazing glow of another lofty pink sunset, a flip flop dangling from a crossed leg. Summer in Chicago is an exercise […]


Looking back over what I’ve been eating this winter, I realize it’s been a lot of “glorified such & such.” Glorified peasant breakfast, glorified roasted vegetable puree-as-soup, glorified shit from my fridge. Then I thought: Wait, when is anything I make not a more or less glorified version of something really basic/dirty/easy/lazy? And furthermore, aren’t […]

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