Fear less, or: Easier, better, slower, lazier.

As I write, the sweet potatoes I sent back into the oven seem to have decided to cooperate. That is, my kitchen smells like sweet potatoes. (A rule we all kinda know: When you can smell what it is you’re cooking, it’s probably done.) See, I’m attempting to make sweet potato gnocchi. Those who know […]

Bacteria ho

As far as I’ve ever been concerned, there are two kinds of yogurt. There’s this Yogurt: And there’s this yogurt: Now, as we all know, the unfortunate truth is that Mel Brooks is impossible to replicate in a home kitchen, or really anywhere else. However, it’s recently been made clear to me that the other […]

Ri-cotta Ri-do

It had been talked about from time to time: reapproaching ricotta. The last time we made it we were, admittedly, a little nervous about the new venture and so crafted our inaugural batch of ricotta with a healthy dose of caution. We probably cooked it for a few minutes more than it needed; squeezed it […]

(Glorified) Shit from my Fridge: Fall Deelights

Editrix’ note:  In editing this post, I realized that, though the recipe KK shares with us here is indeed lovely and pretty real, the ingredients are maybe not shit the average gra (lady or dude– boys can be gras too) has lying around in her fridge at any given time.  HOWEVER:  Every gra’s gotta throw […]

Write it on the bathroom wall: ricotta is easy.

You can make cheese at home. I’ll let that sink in for a second. Because seriously. You can. A friend texted me the other night and asked, really, the question that’s on everyone’s mind these days– yes, even bigger than trivial blather like Will the bailout pass? Will Sarah Palin quit winking at the camera […]

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