Replica: cacio e pepe

I can make a lot of things.  However: there are some I believe are Better Left to the Professionals. Breads that defy the laws of physics and pleasure thresholds (I can make a serviceable Pullman loaf, a relatively crusty rye boule, and some dense whole wheat sandwich bread, but for now I trust my bread-gasms […]

Vincent: Mr. Congeniality

I was walking around my apartment Wednesday morning, brushing my teeth and looking bemusedly yet uneasily out the window at the unholy mess falling from the sky/blowing around my building/overtaking the entire city with its arctic chaos. I’m a traveling tooth-brusher; I like to mosey as I brush. So it took me a few extra […]

Haute Med Lo

More so than any other past holiday season, I think Hurlidaze 08 will forever be characterized by The Totally Rando Things I Made/Ate/Drank. I mean, everyone does this to a certain extent around the holidays, right? We give fancy dinners as gifts (or, I do). We go out for pizza the day after Christmas because […]


Early in the summer Jack and I took a cooking class at Hearty Boys, taught by the “Boys’ ” good friend and current owner of HB-Home Bistro (formerly the Hearty Boys restaurant before they made it [quasi?] big and won the Food Network’s first season of The Next Food Network Star. Now their company does […]

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