5 Things We Plan to Make Soon

So. Fall’s here. Not sure if that’s happening where you are, but here, all we’re thinking about is hot cider, warm slippers, and ALL THE LAYERS. At the beginning of any season, I have a tendency to stockpile recipes for the coming months, so I thought it might be an appropriate time to start a […]

Simple roasted carrots

I mean, obviously. But I needed a little prodding yesterday.  Not to eat them; I was desperate to do that.  We had just returned from a weekend of cupcakes (or as our now-2 year old nephew calls them, “pupcakes”) and comfort food in Michigan.  Immediately before that I spent three days on a work trip […]

Snackery: spiced roasted nuts

Holiday 2012 was a season that, though merry and chaotic and full of togetherness and profoundly fattening, did not find me in the kitchen for consecutive hours.   It was the first time I had gone out with my family to Niagara County for Thanksgiving in many years, revitalizing a very old tradition in order […]

Deep beets, part 3…?

I hadn’t planned on covering beets again/next.  But, I just found a few things out: You can roast, peel, and then freeze beets.  Let ’em thaw out in the fridge and use ’em like nothing ever happened. Feta is the new goat cheese.  (As far as beets are concerned, at least.)  I made Bittman’s beet […]

Deep beets, part 2

So when we left off I was… beet-curious, we could say. Though I had enjoyed many a beet in the now-ubiquitous and standardized “salad” form with goat cheese and sometimes other accoutrements, I had never been totally romanced by it in that sort of arrangement. But that seemed to be the only way a gra […]

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