Shit from My Fridge: Ol’ Dirty Casserole Edition

Editrix’ note: While I was busy eating Peasant Breakfast for a solid two out of my three daily meals (even foodies get lazy, it seems), Ms. Klein was busy being responsible and creative and putting together the following SFMF. Due partly to pesky formatting issues that made this look like less than the piece of […]

(Peasant) Breakfast for Dinner

Ooof. For the last two nights, I have had no choice but to fall asleep on my side (or, as my sister and I coined: “aggressive side,” a hybrid side-stomach position where one attempts to fold oneself into the couch/bed/floor by lying/leaning/teetering on one side of the tummy.  It’s actually much more soothing than my […]

(Glorified) Shit from my Fridge: Fall Deelights

Editrix’ note:  In editing this post, I realized that, though the recipe KK shares with us here is indeed lovely and pretty real, the ingredients are maybe not shit the average gra (lady or dude– boys can be gras too) has lying around in her fridge at any given time.  HOWEVER:  Every gra’s gotta throw […]

Shit from My Potluck

Surprise! It’s still me! Fear not: the real SFMF column is certainly not defunct. I hear tell that Ms. Klein is working up a nice little piece. But in the meantime, I’d like to weave you a tale. Once upon a time (last Sunday), a relatively swarthy yet utterly enchanting maiden found herself in quite […]

Shit from My Fridge: Cheap-ass Edition

Like the aftereffects of an unfamiliar gym routine, I think more and more of us are starting to feel the economic crunch in weird places we didn’t know existed. (Dear Honeycrisp apples: Why are you $3 a pound?) This week, Kristy gives us a tasty way to be a cheapskate.I am feeling a little bit […]

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