Chocolate cinnamon cake

It’s not that my mother only made Bundt cakes when we were growing up.  There were also layer cakes, and a handful of my grandmother’s German chocolate cakes, but… there are a lot of Bundt cakes that live in my memory.  So, it was (surprisingly) without irony or hesitation that I registered for a Bundt […]

Snackery: spiced roasted nuts

Holiday 2012 was a season that, though merry and chaotic and full of togetherness and profoundly fattening, did not find me in the kitchen for consecutive hours.   It was the first time I had gone out with my family to Niagara County for Thanksgiving in many years, revitalizing a very old tradition in order […]

Whole wheat banana redemption (bread)

For months (okay, years), my best friend Kelly and I have been plotting an Ultimate Milwaukee Weekend, wherein Danny and I visit Kelly and her husband Jim in our smaller, more chilled-out sister city to the north and Have A Time.  Though the original idea was born of a possible ploy in the Early Days […]

Salute my (jean) shorts: whiskey dogs

Last weekend, I found myself having a Really Great Conversation. You know, the kind where a small group of people who have just met need to come to a common understanding and then realize, rather quickly, that you’re all already on the same page (and, ergo, that you’ll all be good friends for a good […]

To be more amazing would be impossible.

A few weekends ago, I was in Milwaukee, WI, visiting a close friend, and we went to her sister’s housewarming party one evening.  On the kitchen table sat an array of fabulous(ly old school) party snacks, including cupcakes, mini hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury crescent roll dough, and what looked sort of like cheese-injected beef […]

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