5 Things: Man Cave Edition

After threatening me with grilled meats and other game day delicacies in the comments of our inaugural 5 Things We Plan to Make Soon post, I double-dog-dared my husband to come up with his own 5 Things list.  As you can see, he does not back down from a challenge.  As long as it involves chili. […]

Spicy shredded chicken

First, of course, apologies for the unintended hiatus.  The good news is that I’ve spent the last several weeks wrapping up some heavy work travel (not to be repeated for quite a while), as well as enjoying the Midwest’s many leisure-time delights. There is something about the Midwest that I could never put a finger […]

The best fish tacos

It is so not spring yet. Not even close. But winter’s over.  Okay it’s like, 70% over.  In terms of both probability and the calendar of Midwest Seasons.  It could blizzard again, but it probably won’t.  It should keep getting slowly warmer, with a cold day or an icy wind here and there. So it’s pretty much over.  […]

Shit from his fridge: chorizo black bean tostadas

My apartment was spotless. I don’t really get motivated to clean out my whole life in the Spring, but somehow, when the air gets crisp and I start buying apples and making soup, I go into, like, Defcon Autumn Cleanse Mode. So I had done the ceremonial cold-weather wardrobe switch in the dressing room, scrubbed […]

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