A Hack for Super-Whippy Hummus

As I’ve mentioned to a handful of friends & family while growing this baby, I’m not so much having cravings as I am highly susceptible to the power of sense/suggestion.  Sights, smells, even some sounds will suddenly implant in my brain the image of a ham & cheese croissant, a steaming bowl of something curried, a whole […]

Mac & cheese: a treatise

Growing up, the only mac & cheese we really ever ate was from the blue box.  There was lots of pasta, of course, and that was important stuff.  I learned about different sauces, meat components, herbs, cheeses, you get it.  I know my way around a marinara, bolognese, carbonara, vodka sauce; pancetta, meatballs, necks & […]

Magic. And beans.

Wow. I had heard it was true but I never bothered to test it until the other day. I’m talking about beans, friends. Dried beans. NOPE. Stop right there. Do not walk away. I am for so much serious and you will thank me when we are through here. So. I had just about had […]

It’s a comfort…

… doing mundane things when recent days have been… otherworldly. I don’t know how much time my grandfather spent in the kitchen. I don’t know what sorts of distractions he sought in sad times. In fact I might venture to guess that he didn’t seek distractions, choosing instead to confront the problem head-on.   Though, […]

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