Mac & cheese: a treatise

Growing up, the only mac & cheese we really ever ate was from the blue box.  There was lots of pasta, of course, and that was important stuff.  I learned about different sauces, meat components, herbs, cheeses, you get it.  I know my way around a marinara, bolognese, carbonara, vodka sauce; pancetta, meatballs, necks & […]

Le Mac Meilleur

I spent the majority of this long holiday weekend in the fold of my family.  My cousin was visiting from California with her adorable and hilarious three-year-old, and my mementos of the weekend consist mainly of scary-good iPhone self-portraits of said toddler, two (painfully sticky) Hello Kitty stickers, and an amazing haircut (from my cousin, […]

Dill + shallot yogurt butter

On the way to the lakefront to meet some friends yesterday, we drove through my old neighborhood.  The one with my Single Lady apartment.  A block from my old building, where I used to stand waiting for the crossing signal (or not), look up and see home, just a few dozen steps away.  We breezed past […]

Breakfast/business time

I’m getting up early again, you guys. Like, for a job. I KNOW. My lifestyle. It is so unique. Okay, but seriously. For those in the relative know, I had spent half of July and the better part of August luxuriating in the bosom of the newest and best colloquialism ever: Staycation. Staycay 09 was […]

Bacteria ho

As far as I’ve ever been concerned, there are two kinds of yogurt. There’s this Yogurt: And there’s this yogurt: Now, as we all know, the unfortunate truth is that Mel Brooks is impossible to replicate in a home kitchen, or really anywhere else. However, it’s recently been made clear to me that the other […]

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