Come on-a my house.

It was a harried holiday season, you guys. Lovely and festive and there was music and dancing and silliness and cookies and layers and layers of blankets. But good gawd, it was exhausting. I’m just now coming out of the aftershocks and realizing, like I do every year, that I might prefer the smaller treasures […]

Just like that.

Happy new year, friends! In the spirit of the annual burbling of self improvement sentiments (or what other folks tend to refer to as new year’s resolutions), I’m focusing my devotion once again on cooking and writing and blogging and y’all. This is a post I composed mostly in November, but upon which I have […]

Ri-cotta Ri-do

It had been talked about from time to time: reapproaching ricotta. The last time we made it we were, admittedly, a little nervous about the new venture and so crafted our inaugural batch of ricotta with a healthy dose of caution. We probably cooked it for a few minutes more than it needed; squeezed it […]

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