Bookmarked This Week: Kitchen Stuff

I’m not sure what your family is like, but my family is full of people who really like lists. And planning. So each year, not long after the first chill hits the air (even if the temps bump back up into the 70s for a couple of weeks… ahem, 2015, I’m looking at you), somebody […]

Mark Your Calendars: Mac & Cheese Takedown

You know I can’t dance around a casserole for too long before succumbing to autumn chills and several pounds of cheese. Standing around at last year’s Chi-Town Mac & Cheese Cook Off, scraping the last bits of cheesy goodness out of a Dixie cup and waiting for the final results, a buddy of mine who […]

Food Writing is Dead; No It’s Not

Months ago, in the darkest days of winter, I was spending a lot of time in the bathroom. ┬áPartially because I was pregnant, partially because it was really cold and our bathroom has heated floors (a decision that the previous owners, who were clearly grown as hell, made and from which we benefit almost daily), […]

5 Things We Plan to Make Soon

So. Fall’s here. Not sure if that’s happening where you are, but here, all we’re thinking about is hot cider, warm slippers, and ALL THE LAYERS. At the beginning of any season, I have a tendency to stockpile recipes for the coming months, so I thought it might be an appropriate time to start a […]

At sea

Friends! Graficionada and the Wooden Spoon Society are on vacation. There will be no Monday post this week, and if I am being realistic, I will hazard that there may not be one next week either. I will make it up to you when the kitchen is back up & running! Another go at the […]

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