Real good roundup.

Sitting down to write this, I felt like I had two choices.  The first was to walk you through a valiant but ultimately somewhat less than 100% glorious crack at a recipe for chicken roasted with a pimentón & garlic rub, on top of wedged sweet potatoes.  The second was to share with you a […]

Vincent: Mr. Congeniality

I was walking around my apartment Wednesday morning, brushing my teeth and looking bemusedly yet uneasily out the window at the unholy mess falling from the sky/blowing around my building/overtaking the entire city with its arctic chaos. I’m a traveling tooth-brusher; I like to mosey as I brush. So it took me a few extra […]

Salad for breakfast, and other newfangled ideas

Whoa. It hath been a long time, guys. In the last four days, the tree outside my window has gone from bare to puffy with little leaf buds. In the last four weeks, my new job has gone from making me feel excited but kind of useless to excited and halfway capable. “Things are happening […]

It’s soup again!

But this time, you can have some. Come to the Hideout this Wednesday, February 24 for Soup & Bread. Learning from last year’s capacity issues (read: two too-smallish pots), I’ve now got my mother’s Big Red Stockpot on loan and I’m finna make a towering vat of steaming goodness. Crockpots get fired up at 5:30, […]

The Society: Kristy’s fall ravioli

Welcome back, gra! And welcome back, fall. The time for gourds and tubers and hardy greens is upon us once more. It may not be news to some of you that our dearest Ms. Klein has recently undergone a bit of a shift. Whether you’re employed or between gigs, it can sometimes be rough going […]

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