Here’s an unpopular opinion: I’m not a pie person. I know, I KNOW. It’s cool to like pie! It’s homey! And rustic! Pie is both ironically and unironically humble. Now, I don’t dislike pie, it’s just not high on my dessert priority list. For the record, here is my dessert priority list: Ice cream Cake […]

Bookmarked this Week: Women in Food

On Sunday, we had a houseful of guests one moment, and empty rooms the next. Within 5 minutes, our exhausted baby embraced a beautiful afternoon nap, Danny and I packed leftovers into the fridge, and I threw on a pair of jeans and various blindly-grabbed-for layers, and ran out to see a pretty amazing panel put on […]

On (the) stars

First, I must acknowledge the time that has passed since the last post.  For a minute there we were turbocharged!  And on a schedule we intend to follow again in the near future.  There’s been some exciting business here at HQ (including the acquisition of a very wonderful black dog named Magnus), and we plan […]

Bathe me in: buttermilk herb dressing

I would really love to work out a whole series of “bathe me in…” posts.  There are many items – condiments or otherwise – that I love so much, I struggle to express my feelings reasonably. But truly:   if I were in a lagoon of buttermilk herb dressing, I think that’d be unpleasant for all […]

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